Water Purification System

Powered by Waste Heat

From Power Plants

Making pure drinking water accessible at low cost!

Business Concept

Supplying equipment to make pure water for power plants using the heat dissipated in their cooling loop.


More than half of the fuel used for electricity production ends up as waste heat instead of the desired product. The waste heat generally has a relatively low temperature (60-110⁰C). A WaterApp system can be connected to for example a genset through heat exchanger to recover the waste heat. The recovered waste heat from the genset will be enough to purify salty or other impure water to produce a clean drinking water.


WaterApp is dedicated to supply drinking water based on low-temperature water purification technology.
When the generation of electricity becomes more decentralized, small size power plants will become abundant. Recovery of these scattered lower temperature waste heat can be achieved by plugging in water purification system. WaterApp provides a double-blade benefit by recovering the waste heat from power plants and supplying pure water for drinking and other applications.


WaterApp delivers the following measurable functional benefits:

Recovery of low temperature waste heat

Supplying high quality purified water

Provision of domestic warm water

Increased power plant efficiency


To mitigate global need for pure water.