WaterApp has better removal efficiency and more reliable performance than other water purification processes! The separation efficiency is not affected by concentration of pollutants in the water and hence concentrating raw water to up to 10%of its initial volume can be achieved. It has fewer treatment steps which enable compact equipment, smaller foot-print, lower capital cost and it is easier to maintain and operate. WaterApp enables waste heat recovery for water purification purposes. This will minimize carbon use for purification and increase the availability of water.

Pollutants removed by our technology

Salt, Pharmaceutical Remains, Lead And Other Heavy Metals, Pathogenic Microbes (Bacteria, Viruses, Protozoa, Fungi, And The Like), Fertilizers And Other Nitrogen-Containing Chemicals, Pesticides And Herbicides, Volatile Organic Chemicals, Disinfection By-Products, Radioactive Materials.

Test results:

Tests have been made with impurities with a variety of properties to show that we remove all kinds of contaminants. With conventional technology, a variety of techniques would be needed to even get close to the same results.

HVR technology turns sweat into drinking water

Unicef fund raising campaign #sweatforwater that used HVR technology to turn sweat into potable water created a lot of attention in both national and international media.

The technology is based on vapor filtration, where the impure water is first heated and made to varporize, then water vapors are filtered through a thin sheet of porous hydrophobic membrane. The water vapors are collected on the other side of the membrane and cool down using external cooling water loop. Due to the two consecutive stages in the one unit, the product water has higher quality than obtained from any other related technologies.

This technology has advantages such as:

  • clean, pure and healthy water
  • supplying high quality purified water
  • provision of domestic warm water
  • locally produced water
  • increased power plant efficiency
  • scalable and flexible productionprocess
  • circular process with reusable bottles
  • sustainable production of water
  • cheap cost of production of water
  • recovery of low temperature waste heat
  • minimum running cost due to the use of the waste heat
  • removing all types of impurities (heavy metals, bacteria, inorganic ions, organic substances and so on…) giving nearly absolutely clean water
  • in addition to the pure drinking water, a WaterApp unit connected to a Genset can be used to supply warm water for showering, laundry and so on in a house.


The Product

More than half of the fuel used for power generation ends up as waste heat instead of electricity. WaterApp enables recovery of this waste heat for water purification purposes.

The waste heat produced by a thermal power plant is used to drive the WaterApp and purify any kind of water and remove all contaminants. With WaterApp technology this is possible at a low cost and minimized operating and maintenance efforts. In various third-party tests, the technology has shown more efficient purification of wastewater, semiconductor rinse water, brines, and water contaminated with nanoparticles than either state-of-the-art distillation or membrane based separation or electrical and chemical separation methods.