The technology is based on vapor filtration, where the impure water is first heated and made to vaporize, then water vapors are filtered through a thin sheet of porous hydrophobic membrane.

The water vapors are collected on the other side of the membrane and cool down using external cooling water loop. Due to the two consecutive stages in the one unit, the product water has higher quality than obtained from any other related technologies.

In addition to the highest quality, this technology has advantages of:

  • minimum running cost due to the use of the waste heat
  • removing all types of impurities (heavy metals, bacteria, inorganic ions, organic substances and so on…) giving nearly absolutely clean water

In addition to the pure drinking water, a WaterApp unit connected to a Genset as shown above can be used to supply warm water for showering, laundry and so on in a house.

Removal efficiency test results for some pollutants in water

Type of contamination Amount in feed Result Detection limit Aalysis method Analysed by
Bacteria 14000(after 7 days) BDL Membrane filter count National Bacteriologic Laboratory, Stockholm
Chlorine 3.4 mg/L BDL <0.01 mg/L Photometric analysis (Perkin Elmer) Water protection Assoc. of South West Finland
Salt water 31000 ppm BDL <1 ppm Ion Chromatography VBB Viak Stockholm
Trihalomethanes 1000 mg/L BDL <1mg/L Gas Chromatography University of Turku, Finland
Arsenic +3 10 mg/L BDL <0.003 mg/L AAS Analytica AB, Stockholm
Arsenic +5 10 mg/L BDL <0.003 mg/L AAS Analytica AB, Stockholm
Ag nanoparticles 3100 mg/L BDL <2mg/L HPLC IVL Swedish Environmental

Research Institute

Sertraline and 20 other Pharmaceutical residues 4 ng/L BDL <0.8ng/L HPLC IVL Swedish Environmental

Research Institute